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1970s Bonnie Cashin Fleece Lined Trench | M


Era: late 1970s

Approx. size: M

shoulders: 18”
bust: 44”
waist: free
hip: 50”
length: 45”
sleeve length: 23”

Heavy tan canvas lined in ecru fleece, large hip pockets. vintage (50s/60s) fur collar was added by a previous owner. I like the way it looks, so letting it stay, but could easily be removed with stitch ripper.

Material: water resistant canvas 
closure: buttons down front
label: Bonnie Cashin Weatherwear for Russ Taylor, retailed at Lord & Taylor

condition: excellent. some shaping material inside the attached fur collar has stiffened a bit, so the collar is stiff as a result, but still looks good and is still somewhat pliable. The stiffening is NOT the fur or hide, which I think is in good shape, just whatever is lining it. As I mentioned, could be entirely removed if desired the original plain collar under the fur appears to be in excellent shape. Freshly washed.