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Greater Boston Area

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Mid-Century Kashmiri Embroidered Pongee Silk Robe | Wrapper

mid-century (c. 1940s-1960s. this style and technique are hard to pin-point! but the quality is excellent and silk has some nice age to it)

one size fits many

shoulders: 16  ½”
bust: 42”
waist: free
hips: free
length: 54”

gorgeous silk pongee hand-embroidered in gold, brown and green wool thread. Hip pockets.

closure: wear open or cinch closed with matching fabric belt

label: none

condition: good/very good. freshly washed, very sturdy. Selling as-is due to some scattered cosmetic flaws. Some light staining did not fulling lift with soaking. One noted on front above right back, one on right sleeve, and several on the lower back. Green dye from embroidery bled and left some light chartruesey marks on the silk. within the embroidery it isn’t very notable, but there are a handful or so on the bodice and scattered. None too distracting in my opinion, but still a flaw. Offering at a discount and selling as-is.