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Greater Boston Area

Greater Boston Area

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Set of 3 Antique Pins | Brooches | Micro Mosaic, Gold, and Amethyst Stone

era: early 1900s

three small brooches can be arranged together, or worn separately!

- European Micro Mosaic of a Blue Flower set in 800 silver. stamped 800.

-Two-tone gold fill Victorian knot. marked PS Co. for Plainville Stock Company, a MA based jewelry maker

- Faceted glass amethyst set in a grapevine filigree border. unmarked

7/8"- 1 1 1/4" length.

condition: a charmingly flawed trio. the knot shows some patina, otherwise excellent. the mosaic is missing some tiles. the amethyst likely had pearls set in the "grape" clusters, which had since all fallen out. looks pretty as-is in my opinion!