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Greater Boston Area

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Natural Lavender Linen + Garment Mist | 4 oz. Bottle


refresh your vintage garments, linens, and bedding with natural lavender and tea tree in a reusable blue glass presentation bottle.

contains just 4 ingredients:

-witch hazel
-organic lavender essential oil
-organic tea tree essential oil

In addition to the light and refreshing scent; lavender, tea tree and witch hazel  are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and pest deterring. 


This alcohol-based spritz is fast dissolving and won’t leave marks on clothes (although I always recommend testing a small low profile spot first).

I love this for refreshing garments just pulled from storage (especially woolens) and for hard-to-launder vintage that I may want to extend the number of wears between washes.